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Medkita Exceeded All Expectations

I have hired many consultants over the past 25 years in private practice and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Medkita is by far the best consulting group out there for therapy. Medkita listens to your pain points and provides one on one mentoring to solve your problems.  Medkita delivers much more than what is outlined in their contract.  Highly recommend Medkita for any need you have to make your practice better.

Stephen V. Rapposelli, PT, OCS, Owner of Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness


The Centers for Advanced Orthopedics (CAO), the largest orthopedic group in the country, embarked on a Physical Therapy Improvement project to improve operations, compliance and revenue in all its physical therapy practices. After a thorough RFP process, Medkita was chosen as the consulting firm to lead this initiative.

Medkita performed their on site Clinic Efficiency Assessment on all of CAO’s 38 physical/occupational therapy clinics and provided each clinic with its own customized, comprehensive report addressing the following areas of operation: clinical, front desk, billing, customer service and compliance. Medkita’s reports were based on statistical analysis as well as clinical and operational observations. The reports were extremely thorough and valuable in highlighting areas of potential missed revenue and operational efficiency opportunities.

Because all of Medkita’s consultants are physical therapists with expertise in management and operations, the assessment process was smooth and was extremely well received by our administrators and especially our therapy staff. Medkita consultants were all very knowledgeable, professional and personable and were able to put the staff at ease during their visits.

Medkita far exceeded CAO’s expectations by providing exceptional services and operational analyses and recommendations which were invaluable to CAO. CAO continues to utilize Medkita’s services for coding and compliance training and implementation services for many of its divisions. I would highly recommend Medkita to evaluate your physical therapy practice. In my estimation, their expertise is unsurpassed and the value they provide far exceeds the cost. Even if you think your physical therapy practice is well run, which many of us do, Medkita’s assessment will show you how to improve it. Engaging Medkita was one of the best business decisions our company has made!

Dennis Tritinger, Executive Director
The Centers for Advanced Orthopedics

Medkita is far superior in all aspects

"Medkita is by far the best consulting group out there for health care. I can speak from experience. I spent over $100,000 on another consulting company for my 5 physical therapy and chiropractic offices and Medkita is far superior in all aspects. First they provide an in-depth business operation assessment. This assessment by itself was extremely valuable in showing our inefficiencies in staffing, policy and procedures, billing, collections, customer service and Medicare compliance. Most importantly, Medkita demonstrated the lost revenues that we had incurred due to our inefficiencies.
When it came to implementing the changes to improve our inefficiencies, Medkita's work ethic and dedication was un-paralleled. Countless hours were spent on helping Mishock Physical Therapy implement the changes that were needed for us to succeed. They actually came into the clinic on a regular basis to implement the changes...these are not 9-5 people! Ultimately, it's about the 'return on investment.' We had hundreds of thousands in lost revenue and Medkita helped us regain that...and more. So if you are looking for a health care consultant, look no further then Medkita. They will not disappoint. They are the very best and go above and beyond to meet your needs and exceed all expectations."

Dr. John Mishock, Owner, Mishock Physical Therapy & Associates


The Medkita Clinical Efficiency Assessment our three locations was a very positive and beneficial experience for our practice. During the assessment, there was no disturbance to our clinic flow and everyone was made to feel at ease throughout the process. All of the Medkita staff, being PTs themselves, were pleasant throughout their time in the clinics and interacted positively with all employees involved. The information that was delivered in the formal assessment has been very helpful in making necessary changes to our practice, improving both compliance and finances. Medkita has remained a great resource for rehab related questions and has continued to be able to answer any PT/OT related questions I have on a day-to-day basis.  Utilizing her services was a very beneficial investment and was certainly worth the cost based on the changes we have made as a result. 

Tom Perone, DPT, MTC, Director of Physical Therapy
Orthopaedic Associates of Central Maryland


Our practice hired Medkita to improve our physical and occupational therapy practice. It turned out to be a great business decision to enhance our PT/OT departments. Medkita started with an extremely comprehensive and thorough on site Clinic Efficiency Assessment, followed by a detailed report explaining the strengths, weaknesses and potential revenue opportunities for physical and occupational therapy. Medkita guaranteed that if they could not show us how we could make or save the cost of the assessment, the assessment was free. Since Medkita showed us how we could generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue in one year, this assessment was well worth the reasonable cost that Medkita charged.

We decided to move forward with a two year implementation contract with Medkita, during which time they provided ongoing clinical, management and practice operations support. Medkita’s consultants, who are all physical therapists, were able to provide our therapists with the training and guidance they needed to improve coding, compliance and productivity while maintaining excellent patient care. Medkita’s consultants were always readily accessible, responsive and attentive to our needs for the entire length of our contract. Medkita was truly vested in the improvement of our practice and would do anything they could to help ensure it’s success.

The ultimate result was an increase in profitability of almost four times where we started prior to hiring Medkita. Since Medkita’s fee structure was based on a percentage of increase in profitability, this was a win win for both of us. I would highly recommend hiring Medkita to, at minimum, perform their in depth assessment of your therapy practice, so you can have an objective, expert opinion of how your therapy practice is operating now and the potential for improving your therapy practice. After that assessment, if you decide to engage Medkita, you will not only partner with expert, professionals who are extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with, but you will be engaging a group of therapists who truly want to make your practice the very best it can be!

Bonnie Lynch, President of Bones of PA and Practice Administrator from Mountain
Valley Orthopedics


In 2013, physicians from more than 28 independent orthopaedic practices in the Washington, D.C. region came together to form The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics with the goal of preserving the personalized service and high standard of care found in the private practice model. This joining of practices included the development of a Physical Therapy network with 32 individual Physical Therapy sites. A task force was established within the organization to recommend a consulting firm to provide an overall assessment of current PT practice performance. As a result of the assessment, the consulting firm would provide recommendations for improving efficiency and performance, suggest opportunities for therapy growth within the network, and ensure compliance with the ever-changing healthcare industry. Through an extensive RFP and interview process, Medkita was chosen as the consulting firm, lead by Debbie Lindabery, PT, along with her team of PT business professionals. In the final
analysis, Medkita offered the most comprehensive and cost effective consulting service.

The initial interaction with Medkita with the therapy network involved performing an assessment to gather practice and performance data on each of the individual clinics. This was accomplished through completion of Medkita's Clinical Efficiency Assessment tool, followed by an on-site visit to each clinic. The Clinical Efficiency Assessment tool was valuable for both the clinics and Medkita, as it helped to define and understand objective data concerning performance, profitability and efficiency. The tool was easy and straight-forward to complete. The on-site visit allowed Medkita to get a clearer picture of the real-world challenges within each unique setting. Debbie and her team made the on-site visit very comfortable and th assessment by a team of PTs that can relate to the specific day-to- day challenges put the staff
at ease.

After the initial assessment of each clinic, Debbie and her team created a summary of findings and recommendations that were both clinic-specific and also corporate-wide. This information and Medkita's industry insight has proven invaluable as the clinics and organization move forward with data-driven knowledge for making best-practice decisions. Medkita continues to be engaged by the organization as the network evolves and grows, and has become a valuable and respected member of the team.

I would highly recommend Medkita for any outpatient therapy practice looking for consulting services to meet the ongoing changes and challenges facing the therapy industry.

Tom Boeke, PT, Clinical Director
The Office of Orthopedic Medicine & Surgery
A Division of The Centers for Advanced Orthopedics


In an effort to maximize the potential of our Outpatient Physical Therapy Practices, we sought the expertise of a physical therapy consulting firm. After the consideration of proposals from multiple consulting companies, Medkita was chosen.
The relationship, in and of itself, has turned out to be an incredible asset to our practices. The Clinic Efficiency Assessment allowed us to identify specific measurements and tools with which to examine our program. The process was detail-oriented and in the end, a comprehensive report was provided with data, statistics and feedback specific for each clinic. Medkita was able to outline areas in which each practice was excelling and where improvements could be made.
Medkita is comprised of experienced physical therapists who understand the many different facets of developing a thriving practice. They were able to review documentation, assess financials and examine practice management while considering the ability to provide quality care. They talked with administrators and therapists and were able to develop a clear understanding of the practices and their cultures.
We have continued our relationship with Debbie Lindabery, PT, CEO of Medkita, as she has proven to be an excellent source of knowledge in the industry. Ms. Lindabery has been very accommodating to our requests for assistance as we work towards improving our program. She has provided in-services for our therapy staff, assisted us in the transition to a uniform EMR and ensured updated understanding of Medicare guidelines.
Medkita guarantees that if they can’t show the practice how it can make or save at least the cost of the assessment, the assessment is free. It’s a guaranteed win for any practice!

Elissa Driban, P.T., OCS

Medkita has been the single, wisest decision that we have made

"Medkita has made a remarkable impact on the revenue, operations and customer service in each and every one of our 8 physical therapy clinics. Until Medkita performed their Clinic Efficiency Assessment on each of our facilities, we didn't realize the amount of money we were leaving on the table, nor did we appreciate the potential for improving our business. In today's healthcare environment, there is absolutely no room for anything less than accurate, efficient, optimal billing and collection policies and procedures. Medkita's extensive clinical, operations and billing experience and expertise has enabled us to optimize our revenue potential while delivering "Premier" patient care. Engaging Medkita was one of the smartest business moves we could have made to positively affect our therapy business, as well as its productivity and revenue stream in this challenging economic environment. I would strongly recommend to anyone in the business of providing physical therapy services, to give Medkita the opportunity to improve their bottom line. I know they will be pleased with the results."
Later: "After working with Medkita now for over one year, the initial positive trends have translated into spectacular results. From a financial standpoint, working with Medkita has been the single, wisest decision that we have made in terms of the impact on our company's overall bottom line. We have seen our PT reimbursement rise exponentially without increasing our patient volume."

Dr. Nick DiNubile, Medical Director, Premier Orthopaedic & Sports Med

Medkita exceeded our highest expectations

“Medkita has exceeded our highest expectations by dramatically increasing our revenue as well as improving our operations and customer service. Engaging Medkita has been the wisest business decision our practice has made in terms of immediate return on investment and positioning ourselves for the future healthcare challenges.”

Jeffrey Malumed, M.D., President, Premier Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (15 Clinics)


Debbie visited our Physical therapy practice in May 2016 for a clinical efficiency assessment. The purpose was to help us improve several different aspects -- financial, quality, customer service and compliance. Following a full day of Debbie's observation, she presented us with a summary of her findings and implementation proposals. Because Debbie is a PT herself, she thoroughly understood every aspect of running our business and was able to provide meaningful feedback in the form of a detailed manual.
There is no risk since Medkita guarantees that they can show you how to both save money and increase revenue so the cost of the assessment is a non-issue.
I was very pleased with Debbie and still occasionally reach out to her with a question and she always responds within a timely fashion.

Mary DeSales Lohr
Chestertown Orthopedics

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