"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."  James Baldwin

You MUST diagnose the problems in your practice before you can treat them!

Step 1:  Identify the problems and opportunities - Medkita will evaluate overall operations of your practice using our trademarked Clinic Efficiency Assessment®

  1. Medkita will assess clinical, management, administrative and billing operations
    • In depth analysis of front desk operations
      • Front desk efficiency can make or break a clinic
    • Observation of clinical practices
    • Patient chart review to evaluate coding/documentation habits
      • Appropriate coding can significantly increase revenue
    • Analysis of statistical and financial reports
    • Review of A/R
  2. Medkita will provide a comprehensive written Clinic Efficiency Assessment® Analysis which estimates annual revenue lost and potential opportunities.
  3. Medkita will present a list of recommended Implementation Services which is customized to the needs of your practice according to the information gleaned from performing the Clinic Efficiency Assessment®.
  4. The charge for this Clinic Efficiency Assessment® is a flat fee determined by the number of clinicians in your practice.

Step 2:     Engage Medkita to implement changes necessary to improve the operations, profitability, care/customer service and/or compliance of your practice.   This is a second contract which follows the Clinic Efficiency Assessment® contract, however, there is no obligation to pursue the second, Implementation Contract.

  1. Medkita will develop an Implementation Plan which is customized to the Implementation Services outlined in the Clinic Efficiency Assessment® analysis report.
    1. Medkita will outline specific tasks to accomplish each goal associated with each recommendation.
  2. Medkita will work hand in hand with the practice personnel to ensure a smooth transition and change management process.
  3. Medkita will provide the training necessary to accomplish all action plans.
  4. Medkita will monitor and analyze practice operations ongoing for the length of the contract.
  5. The fee model for the Implementation Contract is a low, monthly flat fee (determined by services requested) for 12 months and a percentage of increase in profits over a finite period of time.   
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