Improving Efficiency to Optimize Profit

If you’re like most of us, you probably think you’re pretty efficient in most aspects of your life.  Whether it’s running a business or running a household, you may think you do a fairly good job. However, do you sometimes find yourself thinking “There’s got to be a better way!?”   Whether it be finding a way to reconcile daily receipts more easily or trying to figure out how not to scramble frantically every morning to get the kids on the bus; we’d be kidding ourselves if we thought there wasn’t something in our lives that could use a little tweaking.

As we are all pressed for time and feel that we need more hours in ...

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Managing Front Desk Operations... What You Don't Know Could Hurt You!

As a previous multi-clinic private practice owner, an outpatient PT for over 28 years, and a business consultant, it has become increasingly obvious in this continuously changing healthcare environment, that the front desk staff and front desk procedures can impact a practice as much as the treatment provided.  Private practitioners often undervalue the importance of the front desk operations and are really unaware of what truly goes on at their front desk.  This four part article series is going to address the four main front desk procedures that can make or break your practice.


Before focusing on any one procedure, the first questions to ask yourself are: “Do you really understand ...

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Customer Service in Outpatient Practice

The term "Customer Service" is typically related to being pleasant, creating a positive customer experience, and putting the customer first. Many outpatient practices would rate themselves very high if asked if their practice delivers good customer service. In outpatient therapy, the true measure of customer service is in creating value. If you are being true to yourself, you will measure your degree of customer service in looking at the following:    

  • What is your visit cancellation/no show percentage?
  • Are you scheduling new patients within 24-48 hours for initial evaluation?
  • Does your practice offer early morning and late evening appointments?
  • What is your policy for staff vacation time/PTO, and how are patients scheduled when the primary therapist is ...

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