Customer Service in Outpatient Practice

The term "Customer Service" is typically related to being pleasant, creating a positive customer experience, and putting the customer first. Many outpatient practices would rate themselves very high if asked if their practice delivers good customer service. In outpatient therapy, the true measure of customer service is in creating value. If you are being true to yourself, you will measure your degree of customer service in looking at the following:    

  • What is your visit cancellation/no show percentage?
  • Are you scheduling new patients within 24-48 hours for initial evaluation?
  • Does your practice offer early morning and late evening appointments?
  • What is your policy for staff vacation time/PTO, and how are patients scheduled when the primary therapist is not in the clinic?  
  • What is your policy for follow up after discharge?
  • Does your practice have a customer satisfaction survey?

These are just a few objective areas to assess within your practice to truly determine if your patients perceive value in your service delivery and if your policies and procedures are client-centric. Medkita offers on-site customer service training that is focused on enhancing the patient experience, creating value, and ensuring your practice has metrics in place to monitor, address areas of deficiency, and identify opportunity. A practice shouldn't be fearful of an objective assessment of their customer service. The more we learn, the more opportunity we have to succeed!                                                                                                                                          



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