"Medkita is by far the best consulting group out there for health care. I can speak from experience.  I spent over $100,000 on another consulting company for my 5 physical therapy and chiropractic offices and Medkita is far superior in all aspects. First they provide an in-depth business operation assessment. This assessment by itself was extremely valuable in showing our inefficiencies in staffing, policy and procedures, billing, collections, customer service and Medicare compliance. Most importantly, Medkita demonstrated the lost revenues that we had incurred due to our inefficiencies.
When it came to implementing the changes to improve our inefficiencies, Medkita's work ethic and dedication was un-paralleled. Countless hours were spent on helping Mishock Physical Therapy implement the changes that were needed for us to succeed. They actually came into the clinic on a regular basis to implement the changes...these are not 9-5 people!  Ultimately, it's about the 'return on investment.' We had hundreds of thousands in lost revenue and Medkita helped us regain that...and more. So if you are looking for a health care consultant, look no further then Medkita. They will not disappoint. They are the very best and go above and beyond to meet your needs and exceed all expectations."

-Dr. John Mishock, Owner, Mishock Physical Therapy & Associates


“Medkita has exceeded our highest expectations by dramatically increasing our revenue as well as improving our operations and customer service.  Engaging Medkita has been the wisest business decision our practice has made in terms of immediate return on investment and positioning ourselves for the future healthcare challenges.”   

-Jeffrey Malumed, M.D., Premier Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (9 Clinics)

"Medkita has made a remarkable impact on the revenue, operations and customer service in each and every one of our 8 physical therapy clinics.  Until Medkita performed their Clinic Efficiency Assessment on each of our facilities, we didn't realize the amount of money we were leaving on the table, nor did we appreciate the potential for improving our business. In today's healthcare environment, there is absolutely no room for anything less than accurate, efficient, optimal billing and collection policies and procedures. Medkita's extensive clinical, operations and billing experience and expertise has enabled us to optimize our revenue potential while delivering "Premier" patient care. Engaging Medkita was one of the smartest business moves we could have made to positively affect our therapy business, as well as its productivity and revenue stream in this challenging economic environment. I would strongly recommend to anyone in the business of providing physical therapy services, to give Medkita the opportunity to improve their bottom line. I know they will be pleased with the results."
  • "After working with Medkita now for over one year, the initial positive trends have translated into spectacular results.  From a financial standpoint, working with Medkita has been the single, wisest decision that we have made in terms of the impact on our company's overall bottom line.  We have seen our PT reimbursement rise exponentially without increasing our patient volume."

-Dr. Nick DiNubile, Medical Director, Premier Orthopaedic & Sports Med

"Regardless of your payor mix, the state(s) you operate in, or the experience of your staff, Medkita will be a tremendous benefit to your organization."

-Ed Miersch, CEO of MX Physical Therapy