Debbie Lindabery, PT - President/CEO

Debbie has been a physical therapist in the outpatient physical therapy field for over 28 years. Along with her clinical expertise as a physical therapist, Debbie has a unique combination of experience in both outpatient clinical operations as well as outpatient billing. She began her career at Pat Croce's Sports Physical Therapists as a Clinic Director, later moving into the role of Director of Clinical Services and Compliance for 40 outpatient clinics in 11 states.  Debbie held a PT license simultaneously in 11 states and after Pat Croce sold his company to a national provider, Debbie's knowledge in both clinical and billing operations, caused her to be appointed as Project Director, in charge of building and implementing an outpatient therapy billing system for 150 physical therapy clinics nationwide. Debbie continued her career in physical therapy operations by co-owning a multi-clinic outpatient practice in charge of operations which is when she decided she wanted to help other outpatient practices thrive and ultimately started Medkita.

See Debbie's curriculum vitae here.

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